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About the Artist

I am an artist living in Sunny Bicester, a small town within Oxfordshire. However it not so small now, many of you may have heard of Bicester Village? this is my home town. I have always had a passion for drawing and crafting due to its ability to take me away from the hustle and bustle of the busy world we live in. Over the years I have developed in all things "ARTY"

Artist Story


Whilst growing up, I always had my set of colouring pencils and paper wherever we went as a family. My way of learning as a child, was all about being hands on with either drawing a current cartoon or doing the dot to dot sections in the books my siblings didn't want to do. I strongly believe that this is where my early years of learning to draw and art interest begins.

I am a completely self taught artist with the love of a true portrait and capturing the details to make artwork as realistic as it can be. Through word of mouth and recommendations, demands grew and I am happy to showcase my world of all things arty with you. Not only do I do all things arty, I also am an established chalkboard artist covering a variety of projects for weddings or advertisement in pubs. You can find more example on our sister page www.signem.co.uk


Love Emma x